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    • Name:Dalian Hongguan Jinjiang mechanical equipment Co., Ltd.
    • Tel:0937-6399308
    • Mail:admin@westspray.com
    • Addr:大連工業園區
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    Jiayuguan Gava Metal Surface Enginneering Co., LTD. which has the world’s most advanced coating technology and surface treatment technology stationed in western China timely. GAVA introduced the most advanced supersonic spraying, plasma spraying, detonation gun spraying and spray, surface treatment equipment, welding, etc. Fanuc S420 robots and a variety of beds, turntables. The company also has a lathe of model 61125, a large roll grinder, 2 lathes of model 6140, a lathe of model 6180, drill press, milling and other machining lathes. The company can provide the best coating solution for clients.
    The company which occupied 30000 square meters, workshop 3000 square meters, office area and living area 1000 square meters in the first project located in conveniently Jiayuguan North Industrial Park.
    There are many well-known domestic experts in this company. Chinese largest steel company’s chief spray expert also has been hired by GAVA to provide spray technology of the world for all of steel companies in westen China.
    Company is adhering to the continuous technological innovation, the pursuit of quality and excellence in management. We are willing to walk hand in hand with all of our customers!
    Company service areas :
     1 Iron and steel, metallurgy
     2 Petrol and chemical
     3 Paper
     4. Mechanical components
     5 Auto
     6. Energy, hydropower, thermal power
     7 Pumps, turbines, pneumatic devices

    Dalian Hongguan Jinjiang mechanical equipment Co., Ltd.  ADDR:大連工業園區   CONTACT TEL:0937-6399308  Technical Support:ZHURISOFT
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